Booze Geek – Spacewalker American Belgo And Interstellar

By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: Spacewalker American Belgo

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Co.

ABV: 8.2%

imagesIt seems only fitting that my return beer is space related.  I feel like I have been gone so long, it was like I was off planet.  Booze Geek is back in the game.  This week, I checked out Great Lakes' Spacewalker American Belgo, a Belgian-inspired ale.

Spacewalker was amber colored and had a very cloudy body from the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle.  It produced a thick, long-lasing head, leaving lots of lacing along the inside of my glass.  It gave off a yeasty and fruity scent, with banana, pear and grape taking prominence.  There were also some hints of coriander.

When I drank it, there was a big burst coriander and clove, as well as some light pepperiness.  The fruit characteristic came out in the middle.  The finish was hoppy, bitter and warm, with a slight spiciness to it.  On my palate, I found that the body was of medium thickness and the hoppiness made the finish it a bit strong going down.

Overall, this was a pretty good Belgian-style ale.  Its strength certainly laid in its scent, which was very aromatic.  The hoppiness gave it some difference from other Belgian ales, but also made it a little to bitter.

What to Drink This To:


The Spacewalker is dedicated to 25 astronauts from Ohio and since we are talking space here, I feel that the recently released Interstellar pairs well with it.  Chris Nolan's latest venture takes us into the far reaches of space and time, underlying the film with the themes of family, survival and love.  Personally, I thought the film was pretty good and the visuals alone are absolutely stunning.  Thus, I couple Spacewalker with Interstellar.

Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world.  He lives in a cave in New Jersey. Tweet him at @BeardedPickle, follow his own beer blog at email him at

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