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Stan Sakai Named Inaugural Joe Kubert Award Winner By Comic Con Revolution, Kubert School
The award was announced at a ceremony Saturday at the 2nd annual Comic Con Revolution in Ontario The Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award, whose purpose is to recognize "outstanding comic book creators who exemplify both Joe Kubert's artistic talent and his commitment to nurturing the comic book community," is part of what Comic Con Revolution[...]
Comic Con Revolution
We just got word that Atomic Crush Events, the guys behind the recent and successful Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California, will be debuting a new show early next year Comic Con Revolution West Palm Beach (CCR WPB) will follow suit with their opposite coast sister convention and debut as a one day show on[...]
A Few Cosplay Photos From Comic Con Revolution
I spent Saturday at a brand new convention in Ontario, CA called Comic Con Revolution I had plans to take a trip around the convention center or two and take photos of cosplayers whenever there was a lull in traffic at my booth There wasn't one Seriously, there was a steady flow of traffic from[...]