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Kickstarter Spotlight: 'Diskordia', And The Obsession Of A Comic Creative
Comic creator Rivenis writes: Hi there! My name is Rivenis, and I'm the sole creator of a surreal fantasy graphic novel series called Diskordia This comic first debuted in 2011 and to date has over 600 pages spread across 17 issues published, with much more to come. Let's be honest: there aren't too many completely independent comics that[...]
Can You Create / Publish An Independent Comic And Remain Sane?
My name is Rivenis and my experience comes from working on my own independent comic series Diskordia which is currently running on kickstarter to print the first book I first started publishing it in 2010 and now have 14 issues completed and published online I know that working in a team carries its own unique[...]
More Free ComiXology Comics – And A Hundred For Ten Bucks
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