Domino Lady

Moonstone Brings Back The Green Ghost

The third issue of Domino Lady Threesome by Bobby Nash and Sergio Ibanez continues the story featuring Domino Lady, Bullet Gal and the Woman in Red And then the publisher is bringing back the magician / sleuth the Green Ghost in a book that features both prose and comic stories.The Green Ghost was created by[...]

A Double-Dose Of Domino Lady In August From Moonstone

There is lots of Domino Lady on the shelf in August from Moonstone Books In the second issue of Domino Lady: Threesome the classic pulp character teams with the Golden Amazon and The Veil to stop Nazi's while in Guns of the Black Bat #3 she and the Phantom Detective head to the Congo.DOMINO LADY[...]

Moonstone To Release Domino Lady's Threesome In May

This May, Moonstone Books will be releasing the first issue in a new Domino Lady comic series written by Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash with art by Marco Santiago The classic pulp character teams up with two other heroines of the era, The Golden Amazon and The Veil, to stop the Nazi's plans in Hollywood.DOMINO LADY[...]

The Black Bat, Domino Lady And Sherlock Holmes In April From Moonstone

Then we have a collected trade of Sherlock Holmes and Domino Lady stories including the two fabled detectives working together.Guns of the Black Bat # 1 Story: Ron Fortier, Aaron Shaps Art: Silvestre Szilagyi Cover: Michael StriblingDateline 1938 Hitler and the Nazis have begun their plans to conquer the world In the states, the crimefighter known as[...]

Moonstone Books – Comics To Prose

But they've built themselves a nice little niche on putting out novels and prose anthologies of some of the most loved characters from the pulp era.The Phantom, The Green Hornet, The Green Lama, Honey West, Boston Blackie, Sherlock Holmes, Domino Lady, Airboy, Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle and so many more.. all have had their[...]