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The ESRB has announced a new change in policy with ratings as they will now point out in-game purchases such as loot boxes The company made the reveal this morning, stating that they had started assigning the In-Game Purchases and Users Interact notices to games The goal os the "In-Game Purchases Interactive Element" informs parents and other[...]
ESRB Ratings
Probably some of the last groups of people the video games industry were thinking about during the coronavirus were the ESRB and PEGI If you're not entirely familiar with those two groups, the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) is the video game rating system for North America, while PEGI (Pan European Game Information) is the[...]
The ESRB Leaks Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) leaked the release on their website after giving the game an M-Rating for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, and Mature Humor We also know the game will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there's no release date attached Most interesting from this is the description[...]
The ESRB and Penny Arcade Partner Up for New Parent-Targeted Campaign
This week, just before PAX west kicks off, Penny Arcade announced a new partnership with the ESRB for adult-targeted PSAs The goal of the PSAs are to get parents involved with knowing what video game ratings mean so they have a more focused approach on what games to buy their children, as well as being[...]
The ESRB Will Add a New Interactive Tool for In-Game Purchases
There are parts of the ESRB we love and hate equally, which is probably why we have respect for the system because ultimately after all these years, their system seems fair And much like putting a rating on films, the ESRB only serves as a warning system to parents and adults of what's being sold[...]
The ESRB's System Just Killed A 'Ruiner' Physical Release
The ESRB has issues, too many to count, but they do serve a function in video games that keep the government out of policing them But sometimes, their own system is just too much Case in point: Devolver Digital and Special Reserve Games took to Twitter this week to announce that there will no longer[...]
PSA: The ESRB Does Not Consider Loot Boxes To Be Gambling
So this one kind of seems to be so incredibly simple that it went without saying, but just in case you were confused, the ESRB does not consider loot boxes to be a form of gambling. The reason why this announcement was made thanks to the recent complaints about games using loot box systems However, the[...]