The ESRB and Penny Arcade Partner Up for New Parent-Targeted Campaign

This week, just before PAX west kicks off, Penny Arcade announced a new partnership with the ESRB for adult-targeted PSAs. The goal of the PSAs are to get parents involved with knowing what video game ratings mean so they have a more focused approach on what games to buy their children, as well as being aware of what kind of content each game contains based on the rating on the label.

It's a pretty clever campaign featuring founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik with their kids. Plus, they're holding a contest encouraging families to take part in the chat with a chance to win a trip to any PAX event in the U.S. in 2019. Check out the first two videos below along with the official press release from Penny Arcade.

The ESRB, in partnership with Penny Arcade, is launching a series of new PSAs to help parents start a meaningful conversation about the importance of ESRB ratings and how they can help ensure that their family's video games are age-appropriate and fun. The PSAs feature Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, creators of the popular Penny Arcade web comic and founders of the PAX games conventions, having authentic conversations with their kids about why ESRB ratings are an informative and valuable tool for parents. Jerry and Mike's conversations with their children are light-hearted, but also illustrate how fast and easy it is to find out what's in a game by checking the ESRB-assigned rating information. These PSAs will inspire parents all over the country to Join the Conversation and share their stories about how they decide what's OK to Play.

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