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How House Of X #5 Transforms Goldballs into a Major Player (Spoilers)
Goldballs was a character created by Brian Bendis and Chris Bachalo for their Uncanny X-Men launch back in 2013. Real name Fabio Medina, he had the power to create bouncing gold balls Made of an unknown substance and of different sizes from any part of his body, they can be projected and so can be used[...]
Spider-Man #240 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor
The Morales', Ganke, Goldballs, Bombshell, the Champions, and the Amazing Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker, all make cameos throughout this comic to support Miles. The narrative is a stream of conscience tied to Miles, and there are blackout periods where time skips ahead. The comic focuses more on relationships and interactions than action We do get a few[...]
Spider-Man #234 review, cover by Patrick Brown
He wants to put the team together for a massive score. Meanwhile, Miles and Ganke spot Goldballs back at school, and they are eager to know where he was However, Goldballs is behaving aggressively towards Miles On top of that, Miles is feeling unsure about his future as Spider-Man. Bombshell's mother is out of prison and wants[...]
Spider-Man #18 Review: An Emotionally Vulnerable Miles Morales
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Reeling from a battle with Hammerhead, Spider-Man is in big trouble! This means his old X-Men friend, Goldballs, must come to his rescue Miles manages to escape, but he finds his mom back at his home They have to connect on the Spider-Man issue, and Miles Morales has to come to terms with the fact[...]
Goldballs – The New X-Men Teen Hearthrob Pin-Up
With recent new X-creation, Goldballs. The one who creates gold balls. And then says "Goldballs" while doing it. A lot. No wonder everyone is going doolally for him. Um… where can I read that Maria Hill feature by PJ O'Rourke? Anyone? Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London Currently preparing for an exhibition launch for Mark Buckingham. [...]