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DC Relaunch: Wildstorm, Westerns And War
Damage Control meets Navy Seals, basically, by Ivan Brandon and Tom Derenick. As previously BleedingCooled, OMAC #1 by Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish. As previously BleedingCooled, Grifter #1 by Nathan Edmondson, CAFU and BIT. Deathstroke #1 by Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett and Art Thibert. A modern day Blackhawks #1 by Mike Costa and Ken Lashley Wow[...]
DC Relaunch: Who Is Jake Ellis' Nathan Edmondson To Write Grifter #1
Nathan Edmondson, author of the Image hit book currently serialised in CLiNT, Who Is Jake Ellis? will be writing Grifter #1 for the DC September Relaunch. Finally a creative choice that couldn't have been made by swapping round solicitations from a previous DC Previews listing And taking on a Wildstorm book, to[...]
DC Relaunch: Grifter #1
We can probably guess Authority, Gen 13, WildCATS and the like, but I hear Grifter will also be a title. Although finding a writer has been hard, and two have dropped off the book already… Bleeding Cool understands that the DC Relaunch will also bring back a number of Wildstorm titles, as part of the new[...]