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Grifter - From A Different Universe (Batman Urban Legends Spoilers)
In today's Batman: Urban Legends #3, they pick a few of them up. As Grifter gets to work with his direct superior, Chance Adibi (with orders it seems from his boss's boss Lucius…) What is this, a James Bond movie? Probablly Anyway, in a tender moment with Chance, he shuts down about himself, giving only a little[...]
Many More Wildstorm Characters Return To The DC Universe Today
Over a month ago, we looked at the rumour that there was a lot more Wildstorm Universe coming back to DC Comics to join Grifter, Midnighter, Apollo and mentions of Halo. The WildCATS characters created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi were brought by DC when they bought the Wildstorm Studios[...]
Batman Urban Legends Has A Major Fridging Moment
And in today's Batman Urban Legends #1, we see what may be another meta-commentary take on the whole thing. Batman Urban Legends artwork by Ryan Benjamin Seeing a former story of Grifter and other Wildstorm characters fighting Mister Freeze and bunch of other goons trying to recapture a downed Soviet satellite. Batman Urban Legends artwork by Ryan Benjamin A[...]
Dark Detective Future State Spoilers
Who are also on the outs with Grifter… Future State: Dark Detective #3 So as Bruce Wayne tracks down the death of a CEO of a technology firm that helped create the Peacekeeper armour… Bruce Wayne in Future State: Dark Detective #3 …it turns out it was the Peacekeepers who did it Not entirely sure how Tanya Fox will[...]
Deathblow, Team 6, Marlowe, Halo Come to DC Infinite Frontier
It's WildStorm time! Grifter has recently arrived with aplomb in the DC Comics Universe, as a mercenary for hire, employed as a bodyguard by Lucius Fox and at odds with Batman The WildCATS characters created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi were brought by DC when they bought the Wildstorm Studios And now that Jim[...]
DC Comics Future State Week Two
It's the kind of display you also see in today's Robin Eternal, with Jason Todd also having issues with The Magistrate. DC Future State: Robin Eternal #1 It may be a fascist superstate, with Peacekeepers running Cybers, artificial lifeforms and drones to take down the masked vigilantes of Gotham, but they sure are pretty. DC Future State: Dark[...]
Harley Quinn Seeking Poison Ivy In Batman Urban Legends in March 2021
In the course of one night, this investigation will change his life forever – and put him in Batman's crosshairs. Credit: DC Comics Future State: Grifters writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Ryan Benjamin continue from the pages of Batman #101, as gun-for-hire Cole Cash is still in Gotham, on the trail of the true motives of the Halo Corporation…and yes,[...]
Batman #101 1-In-25 Variant Cover
DC Comics solicitations have highlighted the appearance of WildStorm's Grifter in Batman #101, the comic continuing directly after The Joker War, a character created by DC publisher and CCO Jim Lee But it's not alone During his DC Fandome addresses, Jim Lee stated that WildStorm characters would be returning to the DC Universe in 2021[...]
Batman #101 1-In-25 Variant Cover
Throughout that time, DC has tried many, many, many different ways to incorporate the WildStorm characters into the publishing brand.  Most notably, the New 52 had Voodoo get her own series, Stormwatch gets their own series, Team 7 featuring a mix of DC and WildStorm characters, and Hellspont, the main villain of Wild C.A.T.S., also[...]
Marat Mychaels Jumps On Grifter Full Time. And Rob Liefeld Tells Tales.
Marat Mychaels filled on pencils for Grifter #11 last month, instead of Scott Clark and, it seems, will be doing the same on issue 13. And then he's on the book for good. In what is becoming, for people on Twitter that is, an increasingly entertaining departure from DC Comics, Rob Liefeld has told us all that[...]
Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics With The Zero Issues
Previously Rob Liefeld said that he would be leaving Grifter with issue 16, but that he's be staying on Savage Hawkman into 2013. Today, that all changed Rob Liefeld announced on Twitter than he would be gone after September's Zero issues And he made it very clear it was his decision to leave all three of[...]
Rob Liefeld Leaves Grifter – Will January Bring The DC Fourth Wave?
I really rather enjoyed today's Grifter #12 But it is one of the lower selling DC New 52 books. Rob Liefeld tweeted; As much as I love doing a bunch of books at DC, I'll be saying goodbye to Grifter with the December issue, #16 Fun ride tho. He's staying on Deathstroke and Savage Hawkman… but I was[...]
The New 52, Twelve Issues On – Part Two
Grifter does a nice trick… it has captured the kinetic nature of Rob Liefeld's art, transferred it into his plot, but let it be coalesced into script and art that's far more pleasing to the eye, puling in aspects of Jim Lee and Sam Keith along the way A long game played by a superhero[...]
Rob Liefeld Planning On Leaving The New 52?
With the news ringing in the industry's ears that that Grant Morrison was planning to jump off Action Comics and Batman Inc next year, with plans for more creator owned comics work, and screenplays, Rob Liefeld, co-writer on Savage Hawkman, Grifter and writer/artist on Deathstroke for DC Comics tweeted; "I will be close behind." I've been told[...]