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The Weekly Static S01E11: Gonzo Guy Fawkes And George R.R. Martin

The Weekly Static S01E11: Gonzo, Guy Fawkes, And George R.R. Martin

Martin Are Getting Gruesome Context For Guy Fawkes Night From BBC’s Gunpowder Handshake Between 2 Middle-Aged Men Was Highlight Of WWE TLC Developing Hunter S Thompson Series With ‘Get Shorty’ Holmes Walking Dead Season 8 Ratings: A Mix Of Good, Bad & Unknown Actor Robert Guillaume Passes Away At Age 89 Marvel’s Runaways Trailer Shows[...]

Kit Harington And Liv Tyler In BBCs Upcoming Gunpowder Miniseries

Kit Harington And Liv Tyler In BBC's Upcoming 'Gunpowder' Miniseries

This will be a departure from the usual take on the events of November 5th (remember remember) 1605, as usually we hear all about Guy Fawkes.The mini-series will be hitting BBC sometime in the fall, and today they released their first teaser Knowing their audiences as they do, having Kit on board, they released this[...]

Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers

Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers?

This is the cover to the Occupy Comics trade paperback, featuring the V For Vendetta version of the Guy Fawkes mask which has been appropriated by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring movements.It hadn't appeared on the covers of the issues, though used inside Because while one could be considered comment and fair use, putting[...]

Bahrain Bans The V For Vendetta Mask

Bahrain Bans The V For Vendetta Mask

Here's the translated decree from the Bahrain government. The Minister of Industry and Commerce: After looking at Law number 35 of the year 2012 concerning the protection of consumers, and more closely at article 16 of the law; And building upon the request of the Ministry of Interior; And taking into account the public's safety; And building on the suggestion[...]

Dubai Bans V For Vendetta Mask

Dubai Bans V For Vendetta Mask

The Guy Fawkes mask was a traditional British item, often used to create Guy Fawkes effigies for kids to beg for money with, and to be burnt on bonfires They faded from use, so that when David Lloyd was researching V For Vendetta, he couldn't find a Guy Fawkes mask to use as reference, so[...]

V For Vendetta Marches On Parliament (LIVE &#8211  UPDATED)

V For Vendetta Marches On Parliament (LIVE – UPDATED)

From Trafalgar Square, tonight. They rememebred, remembered the fifth of Novembered.   You know, in the original scene filmed at Parliament for the V For Vendetta movie, they got decent access because in part Tony Blair's son, Euan Blair was an intern on the film… they could hav done with him today.

And Finally&#8230 Polish Politicians Go V For Vendetta

And Finally… Polish Politicians Go V For Vendetta

It cannot be too firmly stressed that Guy Fawkes was a religious terrorist who tried to blow up the Houses Of Parliament Just saying.Anyway, the Polish Government's vote to sign the controversial copyright legistaltion Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, amid wide protests, caused a number of Polish politicians to take to the benches in V For Vendetta[...]

V For Vendetta Vs Government Debt

V For Vendetta Vs Government Debt

It's a slightly incongruous image.But at yesterday's 350-strong protest at Trafalgar Square demanding that government reduce debt further that, due to good media contacts and buying a massive bus to circle the area, managed to get mass media coverage, one attendee was wearing the V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask.V masks have proved popular amongst[...]

Remember Remember The Fifth Of November&#8230 FREE Pre-Tea Party Comic

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November… FREE Pre-Tea Party Comic

In 2007, Image published the first volume of the anthology Popgun. It included one strip, Rex Onazuka: The Japanese Wasp by Mark Andrew Smith and Johann Leroux which seemed to do a rather good job of anticipating some of the sentiment that would fuel the Tea Party movement, if given a slightly anti-big business/V For […]