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Thirty-One Reviews Of Thirty-One Free Comic Book Day 2014 Titles – Futures End, Uber, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hello Kitty, Hip Hop Family Tree, Overstreet, Jellaby, Buck Rogers, Teen Titans Go, Street Fighter, Steam Wars, All You Need Is Kill, Raising A Reader, Atomic Robo, Archie, Bongo, Les Miserables, Sherwood Texas, History Of Japan, Scratch 9,  Bleeding Cool Magazine, Defend Comics, Sonic, Tick, Fubar, Kaboom, Spongebob Squarepants, Epic, Uncle Scrooge, Scam and Intrinsic
An unexpectedly good read all through.  Shifgeru Mizuki's Showa: A History Of Japan published by Drawn And Quarterly. This is the first of the Free Comic Book Day titles that I've got angry when I got to the end., It just stops It will continue in the graphic novel but I want to read it now and[...]