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Sotheby's Auctions Ian Levine's Collection Of Every DC Comic Ever

Ian Levine is known for many things, as a record producer and pop mogul, working with Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Bananarama, Kim Wilde, Billie Piper, Simon Cowell, producing Take That's first singles As a big Doctor Who fan, Ian Levine is known for working on the TV show as a Continuity Advisor, composing the theme tune to K9 And[...]


THE PROGRAMMES IN QUESTION LIKE MANY OTHERS WERE DESTROYED AS THEY HAD NO FURTHER COMMERCIAL VALUE .THEY ARE NOT MISSING BUT DESTROYED THE END.I am sorry if this upsets some people but these are the facts.I have also become aware of the tracking of some of our clients shipments these are local cultural materials sent[...]

The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumour Gains A Little More Weight. Three Tons Worth.

Just ones being discussed at the highest level, behind closed doors.Tonight one of the naysayers, archivist Ian Levine, who had previously tweeted; Look,I DO believe no episodes have been found,based on what certain people told me at the BFI But I suppose they could have lied to my face— Ian Levine (@IanLevine) June 17, 2013 Is now[...]