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Swamp Thing Dies on the Vine in Panicked Rush to Finish Line [SPOILER REVIEW]

"Swamp Thing" Dies on the Vine in Panicked Rush to Finish Line [SPOILER REVIEW]

Farewell, DC Universe's Swamp Thing we hardly knew ye. We hardly saw ye in your own show. Over your untimely death, some will mourn… but not that many, since not that many people subscribe to the streaming service. With this being the series finale and burdened with wrapping everything up in some kind of way, […]

Swamp Thing Learns Nothing from Alan Moores Anatomy Lesson [OPINION]

"Swamp Thing" Learns Nothing from Alan Moore's "Anatomy Lesson" [OPINION]

In the next issue, Sunderland had the corpse brought back to the lab and hired Jason Woodrue to dissect it Sunderland wanted to find out how Alec Holland’s chemical formula could have transformed him into a swamp monster when it didn’t work on anyone else.[caption id="attachment_1067407" align="alignnone" width="957"] DC Comics[/caption]Woodrue, a minor supervillain with powers[...]

Swamp Thing: The Strains Kevin Durand Set as Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man

Swamp Thing: The Strain's Kevin Durand Set as Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man

Jason Woodrue aka the villainous Floronic Man Durand stars opposite Derek Mears, Andy Bean, Crystal Reed, Jennifer Beals, Maria Sten, Jeryl Prescott, Virginia Madsen, and Will Patton on the streaming service‘s upcoming drama series adaptation based on the DC Comics character created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.[caption id="attachment_942881" align="aligncenter" width="600"] FX[/caption]Written by showrunner Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman, and directed by Len Wiseman (The Gifted, Lucifer), the series stems from James Wan’s Atomic[...]