Johann Urb


Arrow Season 6, Episode 12 Recap: All for Nothing

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow season six episode – All for Nothing. . . . . . This episode is mostly about heroes and villains and how a villain may be hiding a hero inside of them. Last week we learned that Vincent Sobel (Johann Urb) was working undercover, trying to take down […]


Arrow Season 6: Vigilante Knew the Job Was Dangerous When He Took it

Tonight's new episode of Arrow is called All for Nothing and the synopsis reads: Oliver continues to battle Cayden James; when Dinah and Oliver have a major disagreement, one of their own is put in danger. The CW has released a new clip for the episode which will be a bit spoilery if you're not caught […]


Arrow Season 6: Whose Side is Vigilante Really On?

The writers of Arrow introduced the character the Vigilante last season, and at the time it felt a bit like a bait and switch specifically to mess with comic readers. For the Arrow fans that just watch the show and don't really follow the comics, the reveal that Prometheus was really Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) […]