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Magic: The Gathering - May Day! Top 5 Legendary Goblin Creatures
A tactical card through and through, if you need some extra damage to go through in order to whittle opposing forces down to nothing, Ib's your man- err, Goblin. Krenko Mob Boss, a legendary creature card originally printed in Magic 2013, a core set for Magic: The Gathering (shown here in its Jumpstart printing). #4 Krenko, Mob[...]
Magic: The Gathering JumpStart: Historic Horizons "In The Machine"
Hello and welcome, players, collectors, and all manner of fans of Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering! Today, we are happy to showcase an exclusive preview from Magic's next digital-only expansion for Magic Arena, JumpStart: Historic Horizons! This full-pack preview is of the "In The Machine" pack, half a Sealed deck worth of[...]