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Colin Furze Creates A Real Version Of Junkrat’s RIP-Tire From "Overwatch"
But apparently, you can explain Junkrat's RIP-Tire, because Furze decided to build one! Credit: Colin Furze The video is sponsored by Blizzard, who basically asked Furze to make one Most likely it was meant to happen for BlizzCon, and just came in a little late Check out the video here as we watch him construct one from[...]
Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies
I dig this one a lot, as it shows you who Bastion is without overselling it. Next up is Junkrat who is represented in a kind of mustard coloring along with yellow on the zippers and ties This one is kinda funky but it works, as much like the Roadhog hoodie, Junkrat's is covered in[...]
Overwatch Makes a Few Character Updates in Latest Patch
You can read the full list of notes here, but we have the character patches for you below, which includes changes to Brigitte, Tracer, Hanzo, Genji, Junkrat, and Lucio! credit//Blizzard Brigitte Shield Bash Cone angle reduced from 90 to 60 Developer Comments: When fighting against Brigitte, it often felt like Shield Bash was able to hit players who felt like they[...]
Blizzard Reveals Five New Skins Today For Overwatch
Today the company revealed five more on Twitter, featuring new looks for Reaper, McCree, Junkrat, Zenyatta, Symmetra You can check out the new skins right now. Only 2 more days until our cosmetics update arrives in Overwatch! Join us as we count down to their release with new item reveals every day. Today's reveal: EPIC SKINS pic.twitter.com/1n711BCAe2 —[...]
'Heroes Of The Storm' To Get Two 'Overwatch' Characters
Now two more characters from Blizzard's first-person shooter will be making their way over as Ana and Junkrat are set to be a part of the game You can check out the debut trailer below to see them at work with Ana's sleep dart and Junkrat's rolling tire bomb The only thing missing from all of[...]
'Overwatch' Debuts A Pair Of Videos With New Junkertown Map
Looks like Blizzard is going to have an awesome Gamescom as Overwatch revealed two different videos featuring Junkrat and Roadhog, along with a new escort map on the way called Junkertown In a PR release for both videos, Blizzard welcomed everyone to the apocalypse with this intro: "Former home to Junkrat and Roadhog, Junkertown is[...]
Current 'Overwatch' PTR Includes Roadhog & Widowmaker Changes
Junkrat, Roadhog, Widowmaker, and Orisa are all getting tweaked a bit, and we have the current stats of what you're seeing below. JUNKRAT Concussion Mine Junkrat can now hold two mines RIP-Tire Tire's movement speed has been increased by 30% There is no longer a time limit when wall climbing ORISA Fusion Driver Projectile speed increased by 20% Protective Barrier Barrier size increase by 20% Barrier shape[...]