Clothing Review: Phase Two of the Jinx Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies

We already discussed looking at hoodies from Jinx as fall approaches, but this time we're going into the world of Overwatch with the second phase of their Ultimate Hoodies. The first batch of them were amazing and just in time as winter came in. While we'd love to fashion these off for you like the first set, summer is a weird time to go running around in a hoodie. But with fall on the horizon, we talk a look at the designs of these nine heroes and see which are the best and which are odd choices.

We'll start with Bastion, who is presented in a washed-out green with orange flavor on the zipper and cords. You get his head right over your right chest along with E54 on the left sleeve. A nice touch to this one was Ganymede on the left side of the hood. On the back, you have his transformed version of a turret gun waiting to blast enemies from a locked position. I dig this one a lot, as it shows you who Bastion is without overselling it.

Next up is Junkrat who is represented in a kind of mustard coloring along with yellow on the zippers and ties. This one is kinda funky but it works, as much like the Roadhog hoodie, Junkrat's is covered in patches that look like they were stapled on. All of them coming from his traditional outfit. The back has another patch along with a riptire symbol with his standard smiley face. This one is just awesome and there's no mistaking who you are. One of the top three by far.

Moving into the healers, we have Mercy. Now this one is well done but it's a bit tricky because it's a white hoodie. I adore the character and get why this color was chosen to represent her, but at the same time, a lot of people would probably agree with me that white isn't the best color for a hoodie, especially in winter. This is the kind of hoodie that's going to get dirty and show. I do love the symbols on the arm and pocket, along with her face symbol on the chest. The wings on the back could have been a little bigger, but they work for what they're trying to convey.

Hanzo is up next as he is represented with a faded shade of brown with blue accents and a yellow inside. The arm for this is a thing of beauty as you're getting his entire tattooed sleeve, along with his symbol on the chest. The back has the ying-yang kind of symbol with two dragons consuming each other. This is a really good design that a lot of Hanzo mains are going to dig, simply because Jinx went to the trouble of making that arm pop.

Getting into tank territory, we have a Winston hoodie in gray with yellow trim. This one I actually put in the bottom three, only because I feel like they could have done more with this considering the character he is and how he's portrayed as a main focus in the series. We have the Lunar Ops logo on the right arm, and Winston's face on the chest, while the back has the Primal Rage logo. It isn't my favorite on the back either, as it looks like one of those sprays in the game you know you'll never use. It's not terrible, but they could have done better.

Before they nerfed her, Symmetra was one of my main characters, so I was stoked to see this blue and white hoodie with yellow trim get her costume down almost perfectly. You get the Visgar symbol on the right arm along with her harmony symbol over your chest, and the back has a giant hand where she crafts the items she needs. This one is in the middle three for me because it looks cool but it feels like something else could have been added.

Back to the healers as we get one for Zenyatta in a slightly deeper shade of gray from Winstons with yellow and orange trim. His has been kept a little more simple from the others as you see the ying-yang symbol for his healing ability on the chest and nothing else on the front. On the back you have one of his orbs surrounded in symbols. It's a good hoodie, but another where I feel like something is missing.

One of the favorites that people wanted to see was Soldier 76, as we get him decked out in red, white, and blue. Like Zenyatta, this one is also pretty simple as you see Soldier 76's face on the front chest, and then his number on the back. When you see this, you know who it is, which is why it kinda falls in the middle. Otherwise, I think more could have been done to make the hoodie look like his jacket.

Lastly, one of our favorites is Sombra. You get her in a shade of purple with pink accents, which works wonderfully for the character. All over her sleeves and on the back of her head are hacking symbols as designed in the game, along with wires. A digital Calavera sits over the chest as part of her artwork, as well as on the back to match. We instantly fell in love with this one and think it's one of the best Jinx has produced so far.

Overall, the second phase of hoodies are pretty good. Some of them were absolute home runs and total winners, but there was a fair share of designs that looked like they were kinda thrown together or were just last minute composites. Now if these are your favorite characters, nothing we say will sway you from buying one. They're made from thick material and will keep you warm from fall until spring, they wash easy and are damn durable considering the prices. That said, there are some that stand out and some that are just there. So if you have multiple mains in Overwatch, we recommend going for one of the designs with more flash.

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