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Mark Millar Announces He Is Writing Jupiter's Requim
DeKnight as showrunner. And now we have a third chapter, Jupiter's Requiem. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! pic.twitter.com/42HF2s1FBT — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) 2 January 2020 Or rather we will have, Millar has announced that he's just begun to write the third book And that it will be a ten-issue series for now, of course. HERE IS THE NEWS pic.twitter.com/bE5Rlszgo1 — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) 2[...]
Will Jupiter's Legacy Prequel/Sequel Be Called Jupiter's Requiem Or Jupiter's Circle?
But Millar and Quitely also applied for trademarks for Jupiter's Gift and Jupiter's Requiem It looks like the prequel with Wilfredo Torres… …may have been called Jupiter's Gift, judging by the JG line up top But both "Gift" and "Requiem" were abandoned as trademark applications as they hadn't been used within a certain time period[...]