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Johnson and Starmer on Line Of Duty in Prime Minister's Question Time
As Questions about AC-12 and bent coppers were brought up in Prime Minister's Question Time today by Leader Of Her Majesty's Opposition Sir Kier Starmer, MP and Prime Minister of Great Britain and Nirthern Ireland Boris Johnson, MP. Screencap, Prime Minister's Question Time In the House Of Commons, Kier Starmer was addressing the current Greensill scandal involving[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to Joe Biden to Greta
Some you have seen in promotional imagery – some you have not. Spitting Image S01E01: Donald Trump, tweeting in quarantine. Spitting Image S01E01 – and his wife, Melania Trump, trapped with him. Spitting Image S01E01: Greta Thunberg, weather forecaster. Spitting Image S01E01: Joe Biden. Spitting Image S01E01: The Queen in a hoodie. Spitting Image S01E01: Prince Andrew, up for abuse. S01E01: Dominic[...]