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Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2: Double The Blood Double The Gore

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2: Double The Blood, Double The Gore

He said this is how we are introduced to Ash's dad Brock Williams, played by Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Dad, and Ash's high school pal Chet, played by Ted Raimi Campbell said, "Ted plays an idiot, like he's so good at I always use Ted, that way my acting looks subtle."I was able[...]

Lee Majors The Bionic Man Q&#038A From MCM Birmingham

Lee Majors 'The Bionic Man' Q&A From MCM Birmingham

By Olly MacNamee With a remake of the Six Million Dollar Man on the cards there was no better time for Lee Majors to make his first ever UK con appearance this year at MCM’s Birmingham show The panel I sat in on, on the Sunday, was packed out and Majors was more than happy to[...]