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Hanger 13 Is Hiring An Executive Producer For A New IP

We haven't heard much from the company over the past few years, aside from developing Mafia 3 and helping Gearbox Publishing develop the free update for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Now it appears they're in the process of making a new game from scratch And in case you'd like to work for Hanger 13, the[...]

Mafia III

Mafia III, Dead By Daylight and More Coming to PlayStation Plus This Month

Sony has announced its PlayStation Plus lineup for August, bringing in titles like Mafia III and Dead by Daylight among a whole slew of others too. It's a new month, which means that a whole bunch of free games are about to be making their way to us. Alongside other promotions from other companies, if you […]

Get A Brief But Succinct Briefing On Mafia III's Lead Character

Mafia III has so much potential that shines every time I see it. It appears to be really focused on story, but also the history of the politics and setting of 1960s Louisiana. It has a 'mature' feel, and not just because it has content that deems it R rated. This new trailer, is very […]

Bleeding Cool's E3 2016 Game Of The Show Nominations And Winner

So E3 is well and truly over. Every company has shown their wares, and there is a lot to pour over. I saw a ton of games out at the LA Convention Centre, approaching over 50, and there is a whole bunch I want to give recognition to. As is seemingly mandatory, in the wake […]

Mafia III Gets A Release Date And New Trailer

Mafia III looks really quite interesting. Everything we've seen out of the 2K game leads me to believe there is a really serious tone to it, not so much about glorifying the actions, but rather depicting them in all their awfulness. And I definitely get that vibe from this new trailer. There is all kinds […]

Catch 12 Minutes Of Mafia III Gameplay Right Here

Mafia III had almost slipped my mind, having gone quiet since its reveal earlier this year. The return of the franchise certainly looks fascinating though. Playing as Lincoln Clay, a member of the Black Mafia, during a racially charged 1960s New Orleans sounds very interesting, with huge potential. We don't see that kind of setting […]

Take-Two Says Mafia III And GTA Are Completely Different Experiences

The Mafia series has long stood in the shadow of Grand Theft Auto, what with it being a crime focused open world experience. It also has the misfortune of being under the same publisher, which in the past has pushed it even further away from Rockstar's flagship title. According to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick during an […]