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Captain Kaylee And "The Last Person Anyone Expected" in Firefly #25
 And it means turning to the one person she ever wanted to see again… Mal Reynolds.In Shops: Feb 24, 2021 SRP: $3.99 Wash is the last person – is what happened with Emma and River down to Mal? At least he'll be back – unless they are lying to us again. FIREFLY #27 CVR A BENGAL (W) Greg[...]
Firefly #21 Review: Calming, Folksy Presence
They just can't let go of their captain Mal Reynolds, who is working as a lawman for Blue Sun. The cover of Firefly #21 Credit: Boom! Studios This leads to a very strange surprise for both Mal and the crew, as the law's new face is disturbingly familiar This Greg Pak script wields Reynolds' "calming, folksy presence"[...]
Firefly #13 -- "This Issue Will Likely Tweak Your Inner Browncoat"
(Boom! Studios, creative team: Greg Pak, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Francesco Segala, Jim Campbell) If you're a fan of this franchise — and many people are — this issue will likely tweak your inner Browncoat as Captain Mal Reynolds becomes an unexpectedly effective lawman way out on the corporate-dominated frontier The issue stays close to Reynolds, who[...]