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Free On Bleeding Cool – The Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #1
Dynamite has sent us a digital copy of The Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #1 by Mark Rahner and Edu Menna to share with our readers All four issues of the series are part of the latest Groupees digital bundle. A successful but deeply troubled writer returns to his home town for a book signing, to find[...]
Mark Rahner Remembers When Ash Williams Met Herbert West
This time it's Mark Rahner Cover art by J.G Jones. Dynamite: Mark, what was the greatest challenge you faced in working with your Army of Darkness book? Mark Rahner: Challenge? I took to it like a duck to vodka! I could write AoD until I started looking like a Deadite I'm a lifelong horror freak, and it's also[...]
Jethro Morales' Process Art For Vampirella / Army Of Darkness #3
This is based on a script by Mark Rahner. Ash's pals in 1300 A.D are so happy to meet Vampirella that they introduce her to a friend of their own: Black Friar Thomas, who wants to put her on trial as a witch! That is, a trial by ordeal! And with the massive Deadite onslaught imminent,[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview Of Vampirella / Army Of Darkness #1
The series is written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Jethro Morales and we have an exclusive extended preview of what you are going to see in shops. Vampirella / Army of Darkness #1 Mark Rahner (w) Jethro Morales (a) Tim Seeley, Jae Lee (c) During his time trapped in the England of 1300 A.D., Ash listened to the terrified[...]
Jethro Morales' Process Art For Vampirella / Army Of Darkness #1
The new series combining two horror icons is being written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Jethro Morales We have the process art for 3 of the interior pages here for you right now. During his time trapped in the England of 1300 A.D., Ash listened to the terrified primitive screwheads tell of a horrific flying[...]
Vampirella Buys Her Outfits At S Mart – Rahner Talks Vampirella / Army Of Darkness
Mark Rahner will be writing Vampirella / Army of Darkness with artist Jethro Morales Rahner spoke with Byron Brewer about the series Cover art by Tim Seeley and Jae Lee. BYRON BREWER: Mark, how did this bizarre mash-up come about? Is it something you pitched?                MARK RAHNER: Dynamite editor Joe Rybandt suggested the team up, then[...]
Ash Meets Vampirella In New Four Issue Miniseries
The new four issue miniseries Vampirella / Army Of Darkness kicks off this July written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Jethro Morales. The events of Vampirella / Army of Darkness take place during Ash Williams' time trapped in the England of 1300 A.D When the terrified, primitive screwheads approach the Chosen One with tales of[...]
Mark Rahner Talks Career 2.0 And The New Twilight Zone: Shadow And Substance
Gail Simone, writer on Red Sonja #14, talks with writer Mark Rahner about The Twilight Zone: Shadow and Substance #1, both on sale now. GAIL SIMONE: Okay, Mark, I am excited to talk to you about this new Twilight Zone book, and I'll explain why in just a bit But for those readers who are not familiar[...]
Nerd Block To Contain A Twilight Zone Comic
The book in question is Dynamite's The Twilight Zone: Shadow And Substance #1 by writer Mark Rahner and artist Edu Menna. Fore more information, check out Nerd Block here. Nerd Block is one of the groups that sends out a box of random goodies to their subscribers on a monthly basis that could have just about anything[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – A Short Story From The Twilight Zone Annual 2014
To go along with their Twilight Zone sale over on their DRM-Free Digital Comic website, Dynamite has sent us the first story out of the Twilight Zone Annual 2014, Takers by Mark Rahner and Randy Valiente In the story a politician determined to cut aid to the poor finds himself in a Dust Bowl town in the[...]