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Netflix Doc Series 'Rotten', 'Dirty Money' Tackle Food, Corporate Corruption
and China forms the backdrop for a David-and-Goliath tale of loyalty, betrayal and revenge on the American garlic scene. "Big Bird" – From the lowliest hen to the richest magnate, the size and scale of chicken-growing has determined the fate of every player in this expansive food chain. "Milk Money" – To boost profits, some dairy farmers[...]
It's True, It's True. Kurt Angle Enters The WWE Hall Of Fame
But seeing him back where he started and at one time made milk a more popular drink than beer is ok in my book, especially if this means we can get a Kurt Angle figure out of it (hey, i'm a collector) Angle has also reacted to the news: "I was shocked I've been out of[...]
They're Not Naked Superheroes, They're Wearing Strawberry Milk
Last year photography studio Aurum Light released a pinup calendar featuring women in states of undress with their modesty (barely) covered by milk, splashed over them and frozen in mid air Coca-Cola's advertising agency paid to use the idea to promote Fairlife Milk, making the images a little more acceptable for mainstream America. This year, Aurum[...]