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Looking Back at Titan Comics Monika
With Guillem March drawing a portion of Joker War, the James Tynion IV Batman crossover event (are there crossovers that aren't events now?), I figured I'd take a look at Monika It's an example of what March could do outside of the confines of the big two American comics companies. Monika volume one cover via AtomicJunkshop Published[...]
Monika, Guillem March's New Graphic Novel With Thilde Barboni Is A World Away From Catwoman
But in his home continent, Guillem March is known as a graphic novelist. Here's a look at his upcoming work, Monika, created with writer Thilde Barboni – she has a long history in theatre, radio and in prose. It's rather sensual, but a world away from some of his other work, thanks to Eurocomics USA Invasion's Facebook… (Pages removed at the request of Nazeli[...]