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Someone Turned Nintendo's NES Into a Playable Guitar
Probably one of the coolest creations you'll see all year (for what's left of it), someone turned a Nintendo NES into a fully functional guitar/console. Rob Scallon posted on his YouTube channel a short video of this fully functional guitar made from an original Nintendo Entertainment System console (created by Randy Garcia), which is also a fully-functional[...]
Nintendo Reveals New NES Additions to Nintendo Switch Online
Today, Nintendo released a brand new teaser video showing off the remaining NES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online for 2018 For the month of November, players can get their hands on Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee, while the three games coming up in December will be Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden, and Wario's Woods[...]
Nintendo Releases a New Trailer Hyping the Online NES Library
Nintendo has decided to hit you with some extra nostalgia by hyping the next few NES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online Right now you have 20 games to choose from with the online service, but the company has made it know with the new trailer here that they will be adding three games a[...]
Those NES Controllers Will Be Exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers
Those of you hoping to snag a couple of those NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch will have to subscribe to the online service first According to Nintendo's own website, the controllers will be sold as a pair for $60, but you have to prove that you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription first before[...]
Three NES Adventure Games Are Coming To PS4, Xbox One, And PC
Three classic, but slightly terrifying, 8-bit NES adventure games are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC just in time for Halloween. Packaged in a bundle called the 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (Volume One), Abstraction Games will be releasing NES titles Shadowgate, The Uninvited, and Déjà Vu on October 31, 2017 Because nothing says Halloween quite like replaying[...]
Zen Intergalactic Ninja: Home cover by Dan Cote
I'm aware that it has a history, including an NES videogame release from the 1990's. As usual, I throw that out there as a disclaimer I'm not too familiar with Zen. However, I'm always willing to try new things, and my father recommended this one to me He read a couple of issues from the last run[...]
SNES Classic 1
SNES Classic comes hot on the heels today after last years mega-popular NES classic What basically boiled down to a emulator in a mini-Nintendo house caused quite the stir — sell-outs, ridiculous prices on the after-market, and angry customers demanding that Nintendo answer for making such a short supply While they are in fact making[...]
Nintendo To Bring Back The NES Classic Edition Next Summer
To help celebrate the release of the Super NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has made two significant announcements regarding their retro systems The first being that the SNES version will have a "higher volume of units" compared to the last, meaning that you might actually have the chance to buy one and not get scalped on[...]
Mint Condition NES Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For $30k
for the NES just sold on eBay for a whopping $30,100.44 The seller, a well known and I'd say respected retro collector known as DKOldies threw the item up last week for one cent, which has been sitting in the CEO's office until he decided one day to just sell it along with other sealed games. Now what makes[...]
Could We Get A Metroid Animated Series Next?
The storyline from the first three games on NES and SNES alone would make for three seasons worth of stories. Whether or not we'll ever see it is another story as Metroid is owned by Nintendo, and if you know Nintendo's history on working with animation companies, you know the reality of seeing it happen is[...]
Nintendo Switch Red Blue
SwitchBrew found something interesting inside the firmware of the Nintendo Switch this week: an NES emulator, which they loaded up the data for everyone to check out on their site The laymen's version of all that technical data is that there is an emulator file called "flog" on the Nintendo Switch, not being used by[...]
Still Want An NES Classic Edition? Best Buy Will Be Your Best Shot
After all the terrible news about the NES Classic Edition, and now the news that the SNES Classic Edition will be replacing it, fans are now anxiously awaiting the last of the consoles to hit the marketplace Well, we got good news and bad new for you and they're both the same: Best Buy is[...]
What 'World Of Warcraft' Would Look Like On An NES
Back when College Humor was actually on their game, they used to have awesome videos of what a TV show would look like as an old SNES game I wish this trend would keep happening since the videos of Doctor Who and Breaking Bad are just awesome In the same spirit, a fun little video[...]