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Nintendo is Holding a Contest to Win a Labo Cardboard Switch

Nintendo seems to have a lot of Labo news happening today as they're now holding a contest to win a Nintendo Switch made of cardboard. Well, not really. It looks like cardboard as they've created it, the joy-cons, and the dock to all look like it with that special washed-out tan look, but it is […]

Capcom Announce Mega Man Legacy Collection For Nintendo Switch

One of the few classic titles that's just been missing from the current Nintendo Switch lineup is Mega Man. And while we're all slowly waiting for Mega Man 11 to be completed and come to console, we now have confirmation from Capcom that we will be getting some classic titles to tide us over. The […]

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GameStop Is Now Selling Five Nintendo Switch Bundles

If you've still been having a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch, GameStop looks like it may be a viable option, but it's going to be a pricey one. Their website is advertising five different versions of the console are on the way this month to GameStop stores, but all of them are in bundles […]

Ninjara Was The Most-Played Character During The 'ARMS' Global Testpunch

This past weekend we saw the ARMS Global Testpunch take place, and despite all the fan outcry to get Twintelle added to the roster for the demo, Ninjara turned out to be the top character everyone played the most. The news was broken on the official Japanese Twitter account for the game as the ARMS Global Testpunch was apparently better received […]