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Racebending At San Diego Comic Con – "Do You Really Want To Let Everyone Know You're Black?"
Follow him on Follow him @LouieFalcetti Racebending.com's 2nd annual Comic-Con panel (Creating Spaces For Diverse Characters and Representations) was, much like the site itself, diverse, fun, informative and tinged with a touch of modern sadness The panel was made up of creators and writers from the worlds of video games (David Gaiden, Dragon Age), comics (Marjorie Liu,[...]
Swipe File: Dan DiDio And Morgan Edge
Some people, including Bleeding Cool, made note of the racebending of bad guy media mogul Morgan Edge in the new Superman comic, switching from a white man to a black man But is there something we missed? As well as the skin change, he also lost his head hair and gained a little facial fungus. Here's[...]