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Echo Combat ket art
Ready At Dawn's Echo Combat is a team-based competitive zero-g first-person shooter that functions as an expansion to the Echo VR franchise You might know Ready At Dawn as the creators of Echo Arena and Lone Echo, but this time around, they've changed the game with some fun strategic PvP You get to play as[...]
The Order: 1886 Franchise Has A Future Says Developer
As you know, since you played the game and for the ones who played out there… there is a larger storyline. There is a macro story that keeps going, it's an IP that is actually bigger than the storylines that we have created. So there are legs to this IP, definitely. I expect that Ready at Dawn will[...]
Get To Know The Characters Of The Order: 1886 In This New Developer Diary
Ready At Dawn are putting together a narrative that looks oddly unique set in a world worth exploring. A big part of that immersion will come from the strength of the game's characters There looks to be a whole band of knights, so I'm looking to see what the developer has done with them. You can get[...]
The Order: 1886 Has Gone Gold, Getting A Trailer To Celebrate
Ready At Dawn have released this trailer to celebrate. [youtube][/youtube] The notion of there being a rebellion on top of a pack of werewovles, does surprise me though You'd have that it would be one or the other enemy type.Hey, variety is that spice of life. CEO of the developer Ru Weerasuriya took to the PlayStation blog to[...]
This New Trailer For The Order: 1886 Is Creepy As All Hell
There are bad guys, but more strikingly, creepy looking werewolves out to get you. To show off the horror tones of the game, Ready at Dawn released this trailer yesterday It has no gameplay or cinematics, but works as a great little mood piece for the game Kids, nursery rhymes, werewolves and parricide Lovely. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Watch 15 Minutes Of The Order: 1886 Gameplay
It allows developer Ready at Dawn to really direct the player experience, which is looking impressive I have my reservations, but I'm certainly looking to dive in come February. While many have voiced concern about what the gameplay of The Order: 1886, I don't think there is anything bad about the idea of blending shooting,[...]