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Multiverse Role Playing
Hunter Cox, Nathan Crowder, Zack Davisson, Erik Scott de Bie, Tim Deschaines, Brian Dillingham, Tim Dillon, Sean Edgar, Robert Emerson, Sydney Engelstein, Heather Fisher, Helen Forbeck, Ken Forbeck, Marty Forbeck, Nick Forbeck, Pat Forbeck, Eric Gerson, Jessica Geyer, Jason Gonding, Craig Groff-Folsom, Chris Hazard, Thad Heltemes, Jody Houser, Jim Hudson, Robert Ingram, Rosemary Jones, Collin[...]
Ron Richards, Gone From Image Comics
Ron Richards came to Image Comics as Business Manager Founder of iFanboy, he joined when they bought the site out and was instrumental in arranging the del to put Image Comics titles onto the Amazon Kindle… and when went down owing millions, the Image titles (aside from Jimmy Palmiotti's independently arranged books)[...]
Where Do They Get Their Ideas From? Image Comics At NYCC
Alejandra Bodden writes; The panel consisted of Ron Richards (Director of Business Development at Image Comics) as the moderator, and panelists: Tim Seeley (REVIVAL), Antony Johnston (UMBRAL), Joshua Williamson (Ghosted), artist Wes Craig (DEADLY CLASS), Glen Brunswick (REALITY CHECK), Ales Kot (ZERO), and Kieron Gillen (THREE). To start, Richards asked the panelists how their ideas began[...]
Ron Richards Joins Image Comics As Director Of Business Development
Ron Richards, founder of iFanboy, is the new Director of Business Development at Image Comics. So he's no longer at iFanboy Or indeed their purchaser, Graphicly He talks about it at length at the site, here are a few clips; with Graphicly's new business focus the need for iFanboy to be a gateway to the comic book[...]