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No Man's Sky main art
After all, the game we were promised was very far from the game we received, though that hasn't stopped people from playing it. Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, Hello Games founder Sean Murray discussed the lessons the dev studio learned from the mistakes of No Man's Sky, which boils down to some pretty basic truths about game[...]
Trollhunters season 2
The show was renewed for a 13-episode second season, expected later in the year. There will also be a comic book adaptation from Marc Guggenheim, who served as an Emmy-winning writer and executive producer on the show, and Richard Hamilton. Based on the book by Del Toro and Daniel Kraus, with illustrations by Sean Murray, Trollhunters tells the[...]
The Next Update For 'No Man's Sky' Revealed On Reddit
(Which according to the Reddit feed, was never finished.) Now Reddit has a new surprise for fans of the widely panned game: A message from creator Sean Murray about the next update. You can go check out the full message here if you feel like reading babbling text with little info, but basically what it comes[...]
Geoff Keighley Hits No Man's Sky With Some Harsh Criticisms
While Keighley is considered and has plaudets for the game, he does go into quite a few critcisms too. At one point he says that Hello Games' Sean Murray stopped wanting to be around Keighley as his criticisms were too negative, as the game went into the final stretch. It's a fascinating little segment I'm not sure[...]
Get A Pretty In Depth Look At No Man's Sky In 20 Minute Video
For some, that might not paint a picture though. To get a pretty in depth look at the game, check out this new video with the game's creator Sean Murray As part of IGN First, he sits down to demo the game and shows quite a few aspects of what you will get up to on your[...]
No Man's Sky Features On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert has admitted he likes to play games before, so it is cool to see, now no longer a character, that he is promoting them on his show. Last night, he got on game developer Sean Murray from Hello Games to show off the elusive No Man's Sky. It's fascinating to see this positive mainstream coverage[...]
No Man's Sky Will Come To PC The Same Day As PlayStation 4
During the PC Gaming Show, Hello Games director, Sean Murray took to the stage to say that No Man's Sky would launch on PC, the same day as the PlayStation 4. This is pretty big as the game is no longer strictly exclusive We will see if it actually hurts sales any though for the platform. [...]
So What Do You Do In No Man's Sky? We Sort Of Have An Answer Now
That is what is really meant by the question. In an interview with Eurogamer, Hello Games director Sean Murray, answered the question as best he could There seems to be some apprehension to divulge too much to begin, as if under instruction, but ends up giving a lengthy answer full of hints I've edited parts of[...]