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Bioware Cancels Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game Shadow Realms
I remember the asymmetrical multiplayer game Shadow Realms being announced at GamesCom last year and thinking, "Well, this doesn't feel like a Bioware game" Granted, it was a new IP under a different Bioware division, but it never felt like it fit properly under the Bioware banner. It seems it is to stay that way too[...]
Looking Back On Gamescom: The Biggest Surprises, The Strangest Games, And Why This Year Trumped Last Year
Game play over cinematics. [youtube][/youtube] Then you have Ninja Theory's Hellblade, the first attempt at an independently-developed game with AAA production values.  The game itself (such as it is, since we only have the trailer above) doesn't interest me much, but what it stands for does.  With mainstream game development becoming more and more high-risk, high-reward, the[...]