The Lucille Cover To Walking Dead #100

The bloodied Lucille bat, in red, on a black cover, signed by Robert Kirkman Five hundred copies, distributed one per store amongst stores that had the highest orders or increased their orders the most.To CGC with it! Then eBay!!This is the rarest of the variant covers to The Walking Dead #100 Courtesy of Wonderworld[...]

When Robert Kirkman Signs The Walking Dead Watches

We were the first to tell you about this second Walking Dead Vannen Watch, debuting at San Diego Comic Con alongside Walking Dead #100 and the Michonne poncho figure. But when does Robert Kirkman find the time to sign the watch cases? Actually… right now. He's doing it right now. Here's the proof. I wonder […]

Justice League #1 Hits eBay – Hard

Right now copies of Justice League #1 first print, still available at many shops for the cover price of $3.99, is selling, selling for $8 plus shipping.But if you managed to get a copy signed at the Midtown Comics midnight opening the other night, or in any of the other stores or events the pair[...]

How To Find A Stan Lee Signed Ultimate Hawkeye #1 Tomorrow

Inside around a hundred of them, you'll find a Stan Lee signed copy It should be random., Except they've got Certificates bagged in there with them, plainly seen from the back...Good luck Except you won't need it now Last week's Stan Lee-signed Ultimates has already sold for over $400...Tomorrow, comic stores will be selling[...]