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Identity Of Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers Accidentally Leaked (SPOILERS)
One of which is that it reveals just who the unknown, silhouetted Spider-Hero from Mighty Avengers is. You know, this one. Spoiler goggles on… Oops…   CB Cebulski of Marvel is planning a portfolio review at the Festo Comic Con in Mexico And Marvel and the show have made a downloadable script of Mighty Avengers #1 available for people[...]
Who Is The Mysterious Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers #1?
And we have a mystery figure, one who quickly dons a costume to become Spider-Hero But who is it? He has a history with Monica Rambeau. A muscle man with a history of saving the world. And can't be seen in the country And have some kind of power base So… who? I do hope it's The Captain. Comics[...]