Cobra Kai is reportedly leaving for another streaming service, courtesy of YouTube.

'Cobra Kai' Cast Gives Viewers Behind the Scenes Look at Season 2 Stunts [VIDEO]

With YouTube Originals' Cobra Kai kicking the living hell out of its first season's major success with its sophomore season, the Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) – William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) starrer is also enjoying the comfort that comes with a third season renewal. Now, viewers are getting another look behind the scenes of Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden […]

John Bernecker amc wrongful death

Walking Dead Stuntman John Bernecker's Mother to "Seek Justice" for Son's On-Set Death

Less than twenty-four hours after the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a serious citation with the maximum fine amount allowed to The Walking Dead producer Stalwart Films, late stuntman John Bernecker's mother, Susan Bernecker, says that she intends to "seek justice for John and to ensure that no other parent […]

'Walking Dead' Producer Hit with Max Fine for John Bernecker Death

From an official standpoint, some resolution was achieved this week – at least for now – in the tragic death of The Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker. U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has hit Stalwart Films, which produces AMC's hugely successful horror-drama series, with the maximum fine allowable by law under the […]

Chris Pratt And Jurassic Stunts 101

With the upcoming release of Jurassic World, the film makers at Universal have put out this behind-the-scenes video with star Chris Pratt talking about doing stunts.. except he's talking about them in his usual silly fun way He seems to be very focused on stretching both his muscles and the truth.Jurassic World opens June 12th.[youtube][/youtube][...]

Arrow Stunts – Oliver Queen Vs. Ra's Al Ghul

With last week's season finale of Arrow we got to see the showdown between Oliver Queen and Ra's al Ghul. Since their battle on the mountain, the show has been building to it and Oliver has been training for it. Now the actual fight is broken down by stunt coordinator James "Bam Bam" Bamford. He […]

Arrow Stunt Series – Canary / Arsenal Team-Up

The CW has released the latest Arrow Stunt Series video, this time focusing on the Canary / Arsenal team-up. It's interesting to see how a stun coordinator has to work the particular characters fighting style… or lack there of.. into a scene. The fights have to stay in character. Arrow returns March 18th on the […]

Arrow Stunts – The Two Shot Challenge

The CW is continuing their behind the scenes look at the stunts done on Arrow as stunt coordinator James Bamford walks us through a fight between Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Thea Queen (WIlla Holland) that they needed to film in only two takes.Arrow returns to the CW on March 18th.[youtube][/youtube][...]

Stephen Amell Shares Fight Prep For Upcoming Arrow Episode

Arrow star Stephen Amell shared a nice little video today on his YouTube channel. In the video he and the stunt coordinator claim it's going to be part of the biggest fight yet on the series… or ever on television. I'm guessing the second part was exaggeration maybe. This is the second video posted to the […]

CW Releases Stunt Footage From Arrow – Black Canary Vs Dollmaker

In a tease to tied you over while waiting for Arrow to return on January 15th, the CW has released this behind the scenes look at coordinating the stunts for the fight between the Black Canary and the Dollmaker.I believe this footage was on the Arrow: Season One DVD, but for those who didn't get[...]

Help Me, Selina Kyle, The Bad Man Has Stolen My Apple

What's going on in these pictures from the set of The Dark Knight Rises? According to eye witness reports from a couple of Little Bleeders, some bad men steal a little boys apple and Selina Kyle steps in to rough them up and take it back. She's not just some goody-goody, though, and helps herself […]