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Teenage Muhammad Najem, War Reporter, Gets His Own Graphic Novel
Muhammad Najem, War Reporter by Muhammad Najem, Nora Neus and Julie Robine is a new middle-grade graphic memoir about the author, who grew up in a Damascus suburb targeted by the Assad regime, and how he was driven to report on the Syrian conflict's effects on children like him by interviewing, recording, and posting his[...]
Helping the Syrian Crisis with Comic Art
One that has been getting a lot of attention of late is the crisis in Syria Deeply affected by the dangerous Daesh group (formerly referred to as Islamic State), each day brings new horrific news From the mass exodus from the area, to news of food and supplies unable to reach the innocent people trapped[...]
Paypal Blocked Payments To 'Superheroes For Syria' Relief Fundraising Effort
Darrin O'Toole created a package of his independent superhero comic books sold as a fundraising effort to benefit Red Cross' Syrian aid efforts, wit 100% of payments going to that charity He got a little press for it. But there was a problem As he posted, Lots of folk having trouble with comicsy and paypal You can[...]
The ISIS Terrorist Who Likes Batman And The Justice League
One of the Welsh jihadists, twenty year old Reyaad Khan, fighting in Syria for Islamic State, has been celebrating the actions of the murderous regime on Twitter And amongst the celebration of beheading, the call for others to join him, and the sickening justification of his actions, he also tweeted. The brother that executed James Foley should[...]
Comics Creators On… Syria (UPDATE)
You decide. UPDATED WITH MORE: Before anyone takes Paddy Ashdown's gung-ho comments on Syria seriously, please remember the man is a Liberal Democrat. — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) August 30, 2013 Douglas Hurd has spoken against Military action on Syria Paddy Ashdown is supporting it. — Chris Weston (@westonfront) August 29, 2013 @PoePoz Seeing firebombed Syrian schoolkids on the news didn't help. —[...]
Syrian Secret Police Smash Up Cartoonist's Hands
This is Ali Ferzat, Syrian satirist, cartoonist and critic of the country's Ba'athist government. Yesterday, he was taken from the streets of Damascus and beaten by those believed to be part of the government's secret police, and those loyal to president Bashar al-Assad. Ten years ago, the now-president was a support of Ferzat and allowed[...]