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Luckily for all of us, Astro City is not the last comic to do this, but it certainly indicated that there was an audience for this kind of study. I wanted to bring my own experiences to bear in a comic tale of my own, and I have done so in a graphic novel, the subject[...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
The Ascendant (issues 1-2) is the product of Wayward Raven Studios and is written by Mark C Frankel with art by Christopher Hanchey, Rich Cardoso and Cara Kelley This adventure story follows Cail, a jaded demon sworn to protect mortals, along with the immortal Faustus, who made a deal with the devil that came with[...]
Panel 2 Panel Presents: Wayward Raven Studios And Asks 'How Many Deadpools Are Too Many?'
By Panel 2 Panel [audio:] Bleeding Cool welcomes back the Panel 2 Panel podcast team joined by Wayward Raven Studios.  They say: This week the crew is joined by Mark Frankel and Josh Jones as we talk about their Wayward Raven Studios and its books, The Ascendant, The Signed C: The Missing, The Horsemen and Damned Heroes[...]