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The Flame #1 "Atomic Generator" story (reprinted from Wonderworld Comics #11).
Fox Features Syndicate founder Victor Fox was one of the most notorious publishers of the Golden Age of comic books — and that's saying something.  Through lawsuits over copying characters from other publishers, two bankruptcies, and tangling with the War Production Board over violating paper quotas, Fox was a man who wasn't afraid to get[...]
Deodato Borges, "Mike Deodato Sr", Dies, Aged 80
(@mikedeodato) August 25, 2014 "The flame died". Broadcaster, journalist and radio dramatist, Borges was the creator of one of Brazil's earliest super-heroes in, The Adventures Of Flame, A fantastically successful radio show that he turned into a comic book that he wrote and drew – a publication that was famed for selling out in the offices of the[...]