the terminus agenda

Damian Wayne May Break Batman's Code in the Terminus Agenda Finale

Bleeding Cool has been mining articles from DC's May solicitations all morning after Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston "obtained" a copy of the catalog while everyone else in the U.S. was on holiday. As a result, the sweet, sweet clicks are all ours as other websites are forced to stew in the juices of their own embargo agreements. […]

Deathstroke and Teen Titans Crossover in March for The Terminus Agenda

It's the crossover event you didn't realize you were highly anticipating until just now! In March, DC Comics presents The Terminus Agenda, a crossover between Deathstroke and Teen Titans, kicking off with a prelude in Deathstroke #41. The story sees Deathstroke's secret identity revealed to the world, followed by Damian Wayne leading the Teen Titans to […]