Damian Wayne May Break Batman's Code in the Terminus Agenda Finale

Bleeding Cool has been mining articles from DC's May solicitations all morning after Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston "obtained" a copy of the catalog while everyone else in the U.S. was on holiday. As a result, the sweet, sweet clicks are all ours as other websites are forced to stew in the juices of their own embargo agreements.

"It's gettin' bloody harder to sneak into the DC Comics offices while dressed as a potted plant with all of these budget cuts," Johnston told us when asked for comment, noting that even the publisher's potted plant budget has been slashed by 60%. "Oi used to dress up as a nice sansevieria, but that's a bit too ritzy these days, so now Oi have to infiltrate as a shabby philodendron."

"Pip pip," Johnston said, his eyes glowing with the thought of all the clicks.

The latest solicit to catch our eye and prompt a highly clickable article is for the final two issues of the Terminus Agenda, the crossover between Teen Titans and Deathstroke. It looks like Damian Wayne could be taking a major step out of the shadow of his father, Batman, according to the solicit for Deathstroke #43, the finale of the crossover, which teases Damian abandoning Batman's code.

"The Terminus Agenda" finale! It's code red for the Teen Titans as their plan to capture and imprison Deathstroke has backfired in the worst possible way. Mercy Hall is on lockdown, and all the super-villains have escaped their cells! As the villains team up to take down their captors, Deathstroke makes one final attempt at "fixing" Damian — will Damian finally abandon Batman's code to save his friends from certain death?

What is Batman's code? Well, the Caped Crusader certainly has a lot of rules, but the biggest has got to be "don't kill." But Damian is a trained assassin. Will he cross the line in May? Well, the solicit and cover for the epilogue hints strongly that he does.


Damian Wayne May Break Batman's Code in the Terminus Agenda Finale

"The Terminus Agenda" epilogue! Every decision has consequences, and after the shocking events of Deathstroke #43 (trust us, you don't want to miss it) it's time for Damian and the rest of the Teen Titans to take stock of what they've done. But the team barely has time to process before a new threat emerges in the form of Crush's absentee father… Lobo!

Is every comic book about daddy issues these days? Maybe this is all a swerve and Damian is the murderer from Heroes in Crisis?

Deathstroke #43 and Teen Titans #30 hit stores in May.

Damian Wayne May Break Batman's Code in the Terminus Agenda Finale

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