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Beautiful Copy Of Captain America Comics #76 On Auction Today
This three issue run from the 50's, back when Timely switched their name to Atlas Comics, is highly sought after by collectors, and graded copies above a 6.0 are almost unheard of changing hands right now So, seeing this copy of Captain America Comics #76 up for auction today at Heritage Auctions is a really[...]
Marvel Comics #1 Gets a $30 80th-Anniversary Edition
Back in 1939, Timely Comics published Marvel Comics #1, featuring stories about the Human Torch, Ka-Zar, the Submariner, and more The price tag? 10 cents Isnt' inflation a bitch? In 2019, Marvel will publish an 80th anniversary hardcover edition of Marvel Comics #1, sort of stealing an idea from the Distinguished Competition that they used for[...]
An Evening With Legendary DC Artist Joe Giella
He recalled fondly reading comics to his deaf mother, and being particularly fond of the Timely heroes: Captain America, The Human Torch, and The Sub Mariner Giella started his career in comics in the mid 1940's as a teenager His first paying sequential art gig was doing work for Captain Codfish for Hillman Press While[...]
Did You Pay $12 For The First 3 Issues Of All-New All-Different Marvel? Sorry…
Ah, so that's why Marvel registered the trademark for Timely Comics last year It wasn't just to do with 1872, it was this year's 75th anniversary of the company that one day would be Marvel Comics being formed. And time for a new publishing initiative, Timely Comics, 3 for $3, the first three issues of a number of All-New[...]
After 74 Years, Marvel Registers Timely Comics Trademark
Marvel has registered the trademark Timely Comics for "Comic books; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork, education, entertainment, and online services, and downloadable electronic publications." Timely Publishing was established in 1939 by Martin and Abraham Goodman to pubish new comic books, with Marvel Comics #1 before it changed names to Timely Comics  in 1941. It[...]