30West Acquired Majority Ownership of NEON During Sundance
30West acquired the majority ownership of NEON after the pair of companies worked together on the critically acclaimed I, Tonya. The film that depicts a slightly different side of the story and saga of Tonya Harding (as played by Margot Robbie, who is nominated for a Leading Actress Oscar for the role) has done pretty well during awards[...]
Here's The 2018 BAFTA Nominations, And Joanna Lumley Is Hosting
23/01/2013 Credit: Steve Vas  Shutterstock It also turns out that Joanna Lumley is going to be hosting this year's ceremony, taking over from previous host Stephen Fry, who steps down after 12 years of duties.   Lumley taking over was announced today along with the list of nominations for this year's crop of eligible hopefuls. Let's take a look shall we- BEST[...]