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Rawhide Kid #1 (Marvel, 1955), title splash.
Some old western frontier names have a way of outliving the people who made them famous.  For every Wild Bill Hickok or Calamity Jane whose legends live on in pop culture history, there are several real-life Two-Gun Kids or Rawhide Kids who have faded into obscurity — even as the names they used slowly attained[...]
The Falcon #4 Review: Good Character Study Wrapped in a Plot Tangent
The Patriot must look after Chicago in his absence, and Doctor Voodoo reaches out to a mystical contact in the hopes of rescuing Sam Wilson. The Falcon himself is trapped in the underworld due to Blackheart's machinations and runs into the last Avenger you'd ever expect to pop up in a Falcon comic: The Two-Gun Kid. Falcon[...]