Tyranny of Dragons

FoxNext Games Announces "Storyscape" Launch On Mobile Today

Review: Dungeons & Dragons – Tyranny Of Dragons

Wizards of the Coast has been pretty good about pumping out a ton of original content for Dungeons & Dragons, but sometimes, you need to go back. Back in 2014, we got back-to-back adventures that tied into each other with Hoard Of The Dragon Queen and The Rise Of Tiamat. Meant to be played in […]

"Dungeons & Dragons" Announced "Tyranny Of Dragons" at SDCC 2019

Wizards of the Coast had a cool announcement at San Diego Comic-Con as they revealed a revised Dungeons & Dragons adventure with "Tyranny Of Dragons". This book may look new, but it has two adventure modules in one that you may have heard of before. This will be a single special volume re-release of the […]

Talking D&D's Tyranny Of Dragons With Wolfgang Baur And Steve Winter

By Christopher Helton Back when information starting trickling in from the official sources about the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, one of the first things that we discovered was that the early adventures would be written by Wolfgang Baur and Steve Winter of Kobold Press, and published by Wizards of the Coast as part of the official D&D game line. […]