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Former DC Comics Execs & James Killen Launch Endpaper Entertainment
TEAM, Lilybump and STUMP, Little Man & the Frying Pan and The Last Ping Wen. Endpaper Entertainment properties And coming soon, Union Square, Preppers, Susceptible, Pumpkin Chuckin', Homicidal Maniacs, Asylum, Reunion, Cry Wolfe, Thousand Yard, Foodie TV, Ancient Ice and Saviors. Kris Longo told Publisher's Weekly that the company is "self-financed" and began organizing about a year ago[...]
Big Time Comic Fan, Jeffrey Babbitt, Dies After Race Hate Attack
Babbitt was walking through Union Square near Forbidden Planet last Wednesday when he was punched in the face seemingly at random by an assailant who, the police said, declared his intention to "punch the first white man I see." After he was hit, Mr Babbitt fell to the ground, striking his head on the pavement, the[...]