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Myopia: Rise of the Domes cover by Patrick Berkenkotter and Mohan
You spend a lot of time getting to know this world, its quirks, and its characters, but you're left without so much as a conclusion beyond "the adventure continues." Myopia: The Rise of the Domes art by Patrick Berkenkotter, Ronilson Freire, and Vinicius Andrade Patrick Berkenkotter and Ronilson Freire are the artists behind the visuals of Myopia:[...]
Walter Geovanni's Process Art For Red Sonja #17
These pages are colored by Vinicius Andrade and lettered by Simon Bowland based on a scrip by Gail Simone. This intense issue finds the She-Devil in the grip of an obsession for revenge that is so all-consuming, she barely recognizes herself! What happens when the mightiest warrior finds the man who destroyed her life? Can even[...]