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Official U.S. Trailer For Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem

The Zero Theorem is the latest film from Terry Gilliam of Monty Python and the director of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys It was released last March in the U.K but is finally set for a U.S release on August 19th The movie stars Christoph Waltz and Melanie Thierry and is said to be about a[...]

Official Trailer For Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem‏

There's one important line of dialogue in this trailer for Zero Theorem It's the one that doesn't mention the title but more or less paraphrases it, exposing the film's real subject matter I'm not sure if it's a good thing that this line is in the trailer or not.[youtube][/youtube]Of course, this being a Terry Gilliam[...]

First Official Images From Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem With Christoph Waltz

The first image from The Zero Theorem, though completely unofficial as it turned out, was premiered here at Bleeding Cool.Now, Empire have the sanctioned, clean-route premiere of three more pics from the film And they look really, really great.If you saw the leaked trailer or reel that were doing the rounds last month, you'll know[...]

Leaked Trailer And Several Scenes From Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem – TOO LATE

UPDATE: Video removed by request of Voltage Pictures.This trailer and extended package of clips from Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem have been hiding in a quiet corner of the internet for quite some time, at least since the Cannes marketplace.Today, though, they started to make waves on Christoph Waltz fan Tumblrs As soon as they turned[...]

Terry Gilliam Photoshopped The Illegal Matt Damon Out Of My Zero Theorem Image

Earlier this week, I posted this tweet. First Look: Matt Damon Is Management In Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem— Bleeding Cool Film (@bcoolfilm) June 17, 2013 That tweet linked to a page here at Bleeding Cool that couldn't be accessed from the front page It was a hidden reward to early adopters of the still fairly secret[...]

First Look: Matt Damon Is Management In Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem

I suppose you could always squeeze it down if you'd prefer.This is Matt Damon in Terry Gilliam's next picture, the sci-fi black comedy, Zero Theorem He's playing a character called Management, and that should give you some idea of the role he plays.[IMAGE REMOVED BY REQUEST]Christoph Waltz stars as Qohen Leth, and he's the other[...]

Terry Gilliam Chats About Zero Theorem On The Bus, Teases Another Movie Project

The director seemed only too happy to give an update on his upcoming sci-fi black comedy, The Zero Theorem.The picture comes from an original screenplay by Pat Rushin and features Christoph Waltz as Qohen Leth, a maths genius, or lunatic, trying to find out if there even is a secret to life.. while waiting for[...]

Bill Murray And Terry Gilliam, Together At Last?

Though Terry Gilliam's Zero Theorem has completed principle photography it hasn't finished post-production Perhaps there's still casting to be done for voice roles, either on the other end of telephones - which is a big thing in this film - or elsewhere.So when The Sunday Times say that Bill Murray is "being courted" for a role[...]

New Promo Art For Zero Theorem Recalls Terry Gilliam's Brazil

Voltage Pictures are having some success at the AFM, having sold French, German and Italian rights to Terry Gilliam's in-production sci-fi picture, The Zero Theorem Bigger territories are likely to require longer negotiations but will follow in due course.There won't have been much footage on display for the distributors, seeing as the film has only[...]

Christoph Waltz Goes Hairless – First Look At His Zero Theorem Makeover

Terry Gilliam is shaving the heads of many, if not all, of his Zero Theorem cast Some of them are then having different hair styles stuck on for different scenes Some, I believe, are staying bald.The film is set to star Christoph Waltz and he's gone full bonehead for the role Here's an image from Twitter[...]

Is Terry Gilliam Casting Multiple Actors In The Same Roles For The Zero Theorem?

But the director does seem to be saying that he's planning some odd mix-and-match casting for his upcoming sci-fi drama, The Zero Theorem.His first Facebook update on the matter went like this: Excitement at the front! Zero Theorem now has two more brilliant actors on board: Peter Stormare and Sanjeev Bhaskar Not just comic geniuses but[...]