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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is another zombie apocalypse manga in a genre that's never going to end Fortunately, it offers a new and hilarious take on how certain types of people survive in a zombie apocalypse. "Zom 100" cover courtesy of Viz Media. Akira Tenna is dying inside He's gone from a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed[...]
Train to Busan Presents Peninsula: Sequel is Bigger but Not Better
Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula, so named in the US because audiences may not remember what movie it's supposed to be a sequel to, is a return to Zombie Apocalypse South Korea with bigger, louder but not necessarily better results. "Train to Busan Presents Peninsula" key art; Well Go USA. Train to Busan Present: Peninsula is a[...]
King of Eden: Yen Press Announces Horror Manga by Urusawa's Co-Writer
There's a murky, dark, clammy feel to the art that creates an air of impending decay and doom through the comic. The zombie apocalypse genre is one of the conflicting drives: on the one hand, there's the fatalism of humans acting badly that causes the world to end; on the other, there's a fantasy of power[...]
#Alive: Another Korean Zombie Movie Coming to Netflix
It's a tightly-written, no-holds-barred zombie movie that features a hero trapped in lockdown during the zombie apocalypse because it's not safe to go outside Sound familiar? Yoo Ah-In in "#ALIVE" from Netflix The movie follows Joon-Woo, a gamer, livestreamer, and tech geek played by Yoo Ah-In who sees the zombie apocalypse erupt from the safety of his[...]
Bring on the Little Terrors
Certainly, in the course of this small part of the story, we get hints to hidden secrets of the group. The other way in which this story feels different: whereas many zombie apocalypse tales may revolve around trying to build action and go for all out action sequences or gore, Little Terrors has instead a slightly[...]
Land Of The Rising Dead – A Zombie Apocalypse in Feudal Japan
This is a comic book about a zombie apocalypse, after all! Q Will Land of the Rising Dead be a continuing series? Ben: We would love it to be—fingers crossed So far, the reception has been fantastic! Our Kickstarter campaign was funded in the first few days with over three weeks to spare, and everyone that I've[...]
For The Thirsty Zombie – Deadworld Premium Soda
By Christopher Helton When the zombie apocalypse happens, what everyone will be looking for is the pause that refreshes. Over on Facebook, I saw this weekend that Gary Reed of Caliber Entertainment debuted a soft drink line inspired by the long running Deadworld zombie comics You can also find this information on the Caliber website. Featuring classic art[...]
Is A Zombie Apocalypse Possible? Ask Morgan Freeman
This week, Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman is taking a look at the possibility of a zombie apocalypse through scientific means. Segments include a look at the similarities between humans and bats and how easily diseases can be passed between the two Another segment on how quickly an airborne zombie virus would quickly spread causing a[...]