£15 Star Night Light, As Seen In John Lewis Christmas Ad, Sells Out, On eBay For £66

This is the Christmas TV advert for British retail chain, John Lewis.


Rather than specifically advertising the star night light, it is intended to advertise John Lewis as a store, an integral part of the British Christmas spirit, and its Christmas ads have become part of the media circus every year, featuring a tinkly winkly version of a classic pop track, over some sentimental nonsense.

Nevertheless, the star night light in question, priced at £15, has sold out.

And now people are actually selling them on eBay and getting over £60 each for them, with most around the £50 mark.

So, you know it's not just comic books that people go insane for….

2017's advert features a cover of The Beatles' "Golden Slumbers", performed by the band Elbow. It tells the story of a boy who is afraid of the dark, and a monster named Moz who lives under his bed. Scared of the dark, the boy looks under his bed one night to find that Moz is resting there. Although the child is at first scared, then irritated by the monster's antics, the two very quickly become friends, although the boy quickly begins to become tired in the day due to playing with Moz at night. That Christmas, the child finds a gift under the tree that his family don't seem to recognise. Opening it, he finds a nightlight. When the nightlight is on, he can't see his new friend anymore, but once he turns it off, he realises that Moz is still there after all….

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