Brave New World: Peacock Series Free to Stream This Weekend

NBC Peacock announced today that the entire first season of Brave New World will be free for everyone to stream this weekend starting at 8 pm Eastern Time on Friday. The series is an adaptation of Aldous Huxley's 1931 dystopian Science Fiction novel about a future society founded on plenty and leisure, where privacy is controlled, monogamy is taboo.  Family, money, and history are all banned. Everyone is born into a specific class or caste, encouraged to engage in free love and hedonism outside of work, their moods kept placid by psychoactive drugs.

Brave New World | Official Trailer | Peacock
Brave New World, Peacock NBC

Along comes John the Savage (Alden Ehrenreich) a man born outside the cities, in what citizens consider the ruined, fallen world where people live in poverty, are naturally born, which is repulsive to the future society, who threatens to disrupt the natural order of this brave new world. John has a claim to be a citizen of the city because his mother is a citizen who was pregnant and abandoned in the savage lands by her lover to avoid a scandal. John has an Old Humanity's sense of morality and monogamy and love and ends up at odds with the powers that rule the city. His relationship with B+ caste Lenina (Jessica Findley-Brown) becomes a triangle with her A+ caste counselor Bernard (Harry Lloyd), who has his own existential struggle with his place in the social order. Meanwhile, there's a death among the lowest worker caste that hints at cracks in the system that might bring it all down.

Huxley wrote the novel after visiting America and feared a coming permissive society that was into feeling good and using drugs. There's an odd irony to that as this new TV adaptation of his novel locates its future city in a "New London". There are attempts to subvert and update the more problematic aspects in the novel to a 21st Century sensibility, and you can detect the fingerprints of Grant Morrison in the more heady aspects of the show. The series had been behind a subscription paywall before today, so if you were curious about watching the entire first season, this weekend is your chance.

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